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Florida Art created in Hobe Sound, Florida

Many of the pieces featured on this website have been created on location here in sunny Florida. I like plein air painting, the light moving/changes in shadows forces the artist to work fluidly and get down the most important shades of dark and light. I find the scenic parks here are well maintained and there's usually a convenient tree to take shade under

Equipment to Take Plein Air Painting:

Along with a light weight traveling easel. Remember a chair, gambol pot/linseed oil pot (I use the clip on variety), 8x10 canvas panels or larger as required, assorted brushes and of course the paint! Also handy to pack in the car is an umbrella, this is useful but a sudden rain flurry won't wreck your oil, your watercolor may be ruined but the oil will stand fast.


Take a few pictures of the scene and quickly jot down a grisaille drawing in pencil or grey colored pens so you know where to place the darkest, the medium and the lighter shades.


Prime your canvas with a thin mix of gamsol+linseed+burnt sienna or yellow ochre. This is a good primer backdrop and is helpful should you need to wipe off or remove the next step. Next: Sketch in the main features. Just block them in roughly, you can refine later. Use a larger brush to do this.

Flesh Out Your Painting'

Start with a limited pallet of colors so they remain harmonious and blend them with a palette knife. white and Ultramarine for the sky, add a little burnt sienna to make it appear mauve. Create puddles of color and use them to blend with other colors to create a harmonious mix, try to stick to just 4 or 6 colors to start, I recommend:

Starting Out Colours


Titanium White

Yellow Ochre

Burnt Sienna

Quinacridone Red (pink)

Lemon yellow

the underside of clouds, or skies.

..... This is a start.... more to follow

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